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1st Thing To Resolve Your Blackboard Issues...

Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Blackboard has been extensively tested to determine which browsers will work best with Blackboard. Based on the results of those tests and our extensive experience, we highly recommend that all students use Firefox or Chrome internet browser. Many students also use Safari internet browser (Mac users); however, you must enable 3rd Party (or ALL) cookies in Safari internet browser. By default, Firefox and Chrome already have 3rd party (or ALL) cookies enabled.



Most Common Thing To Resolve Your Blackboard Issues...

Ctrl + Shift + R

The most common solution to issues that students call us for, is to refresh your browser content. From the page you are having a problem with, simply press the combination CTRL+Shift+R, on your keyboard. This will force the browser to abandon all cached content and just retrieve all content from the servers again.


Can't Play Video in Blackboard Lessons

ShareStream Videos & Cookies

In order to play videos from Blackboard, your Internet Browser must allow 3rd Party Cookies (or ALL Cookies).  By default Safari Internet browser (Mac Computers) does not allow 3rd Party Cookies. This is also true for all IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc…) because they also use Safari Internet browser.

The most dependable solution is to install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome internet browsers, as they both allow 3rd Party Cookies by default and meet the HTML5 compatibility requirements.




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