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Copy & Paste to Discussion Board

Due to the programming design of Blackboard, you must use the keyboard shortcuts to “Copy and Paste” into Discussion Board (CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste). We ALWAYS recommend that you compose your written assignment in Microsoft Word first and save that document in case anything goes wrong later. Then Copy and Paste your document from Microsoft Word into Blackboard. However, there is an intermediate step you will want to take.

We recommend that you compose your document in Word, then copy and paste to Windows “Notepad”, then copy and paste from Notepad into Blackboard.  Why?  Although you can’t see it, Word contains a lot of HTML coding, which will not format correctly in Blackboard’s Discussion Board editor. Notepad is plain text and doesn’t contain any HTML code.  So why not compose your document in NOTEPAD first, and copy and Paste to Blackboard?  You certainly can; however, you will not have the grammar & spell checking functions of Microsoft Word if you compose your document in Notepad.

The common way to do this is to:

  1. Open up your completed Microsoft Word document, then press (CTRL + A) on your keyboard to SELECT ALL.
  2. Press (CTRL + C) to COPY the document. This will also copy the invisible HTML code.
  3. Open Windows NOTEPAD. Paste (CTRL+V) your document into NOTEPAD.
  4. Press (CTRL+A) to select all your text, then press (CTRL+C) to copy your text.  
  5. Navigate to Blackboard, click in the area, or text box, where you wish to paste your document, then press (CTRL + V) to paste.

If you prefer to keep your original formatting (styles, footnotes, etc…) from Microsoft Word, then skip the steps of copy & paste to Notepad (skip steps 3 & 4 above). But be aware that the formatting (invisible HTML) is hard to adjust inside of Blackboard if it doesn’t appear the way you prefer it. Be advised, the formatting from Word into Blackboard will not be the same.

Composing Discussion Board Posts

During your online education at Luther Rice, you will be required to use the Discussion Board to introduce yourself, to respond to instructor questions and reply to others, to formulate answers to case studies, or as part of a peer writing and review process.

Online discussions provide you with the opportunity to “think before you speak.” You have time to reflect on what you want to say before you enter your response in the system. You are also able to view the responses and perspectives of all your classmates, which is not easily accomplished in a real classroom setting.

It is our highest recommendation that you compose your discussion board post in Microsoft Word first, then review your post, make your changes, and SAVE your post/response. Once you are ready to submit the post, you can Copy and Paste your composition into Blackboard.  See this link on how to copy and paste in Blackboard.

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