Data Center Backups
Luther Rice uses a backup solution that ensures all of our servers are backed up daily. In fact, most of our servers are backed up four times per day. The backups are virtual backups allowing our I.T. staff to “spin up” the entire backup on the local backup server itself, or if necessary, in the cloud.  See Datto Siris for more information about our backup technology.
Offsite Storage

Luther Rice data is backed up to an onsite, large capacity, server. These local backups are then synchronized to off-site servers in Utah and Pennsylvania. Our servers are backedup hourly. It is noteworthy that the two offsite locations are located more than 1000 miles from our campus, on opposite ends of the United States.

Internet Bandwidth

Luther Rice is connected to the internet via high speed fiber optic circuit. In addition to our fiber optic interface, we also maintain a secondary high speed connection via copper.  These two services are managed by a load balancer so that Luther Rice is always offering a high speed internet service to our students.

Server/Systems Redundancy
In our data center, we use Microsoft Hyper-V technology configured for High Availability (HA).  To summarize, we have multiple physical servers operating more than a dozen virtual servers.  The HA configuration allows for us to lose a physical server, without suffering any downtime or performance hits.  In fact, the entire data center (DC) is redundant.   Switches, network interfaces, servers, power supplies, main power, fiber channel SAN, etc… Our DC can lose just about any one piece of hardware and there is a redundant component already in place to ensure that our network continues to operate at normal performance levels.
Redundant Power

Luther Rice enjoys the security of a backup generator to ensure that power will keep flowing to our data center in the event of a power outage. The generator starts up within 2 seconds after a power failure and provides full power to the data center within 10 seconds. The data center also has a battery backup system that provides backup power in the event of a power outage AND a generator malfunction.

Luther Rice College & Seminary continues to operate on the cutting edge by offering theologically sound, biblically based, flexible, technologically advanced education to students in the U.S. and around the world.

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