Welcome to the Office of Information Technology. We are pleased to assist our faculty, staff, and students with their technology needs. OIT is a ministry supporting the Luther Rice family. We ask that you follow a specific protocol to request help so that we can operate the OIT efficiently. All requests from the faculty or staff should be submitted through the Faculty/Staff Help Desk (SysAid). Students who would like to request assistance can email their request to

Please take time to familiarize yourself with every tab and every page. There is an answer to just about every technical question you might have.

The first thing you should do after being accepted to Luther Rice College & Seminary is to prepare your computer so that you’ll have everything you need to successfully complete your online coursework (watch videos, take exams, write papers, etc.).

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  • What is my Login ID and Password?
    Your Luther Rice email address ( is your student login for nearly all our online services: Student Portal, Blackboard, Student Email, Library Services, E-book Checkouts, Financial Aid Portal, Office365 Online, etc.

  • How do I set up my student email on my mobile device?
    Click here: Gmail Student Email Access Options
  • How Do I Access Blackboard?
    Although there are several ways, here are the most common methods:
    Log into the MyCampus student portal, click on the Quicklinks menu in the upper right-hand corner, then
    click on Blackboard.

  • How Do I Access Moodle?
    Contact our Office of Information Technology if you are a student working in Moodle.
  • How Do I Access the Online Library?
    Although there are several ways, here are the most common:


Luther Rice network servers are able to support mobile devices; however, the support is limited. Although most of our websites are mobile responsive, please note that Blackboard is not designed to be used in a mobile internet browser. However, there are Blackboard Mobile apps for both IOS and Android devices. If you intend to use your mobile device for online assignments, you will need to download the free app, “Bb Student”, for your specific mobile device. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) can only offer limited support for mobile devices due to the vast variety of manufacturers, models, and software versions (OS).

TFor your online education at Luther Rice, you will need:

  • Regular Access to a stable, good quality, internet connection (w/ upload speed of 6 Mbps or faster; and, a download speed of 10 Mbps or faster).
  • Windows 10/11 PC  or  Mac PC  (Windows 11 is recommened)
  • Lockdown Browser – Used for tests/exams (Download Here for Blackboard)
  • Google Chrome AND Mozilla Firefox internet browser (maintain latest versions)
    (Mac users: You can use Safari, but you must enable All Cookies in your Safari settings)
  • Enable “All Cookies” or “Third-Party Cookies) in your preferred browser settings (Firefox & Chrome have all cookies enabled by default – Safari does not).
  • Microsoft Word (2010 or later ) (Recommended: Office 2016 or Office 365)
  • Functional Webcam (Available at Bestbuy, Staples, Walmart, and computer/technology stores)
  • VPN software/service (VPN service (to the U.S.) is highly recommended for students who travel or live outside of the United States)

Microsoft Office 365 (full edition) is available for download to active students through the MyCampus student portal ( The licensing is only in effect while you are a student at Luther Rice.

Note:  The Office of Information Technology at Luther Rice does not provide training or support for Microsoft products. Furthermore, Luther Rice College & Seminary does not sell or distribute software.


Software Links

Luther Rice does not sell or distribute software. Each student must acquire his/her own software according to their needs. The recommended software applications, listed below, do have varying costs.

TWe cover a number of issues in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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Moodle is not available to all students. If you are using Moodle, or need assistance, please contact the Office of Information Technology. 95% of our students do not require access to Moodle at this time.

Luther Rice College & Seminary continues to operate on the cutting edge by offering theologically sound, biblically based, flexible, technologically advanced education to students in the U.S. and around the world.

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